Janine Notten study- /language- /text guidance

AKASH  student Landscape Architecture


I had the pleasure of learning Dutch from Janine and it was a great experience. Janine is very friendly and has a lot of experience in teaching. In each class there are fun activities and exercises that make learning more interesting and she also helps a lot with pronunciation as it can be hard for English speakers to make some sounds in Dutch. Highly recommended!


LUDO   medical student UM Maastricht


Janine is an awesome teacher. She helped me to get my B2 and Medical Dutch certificate in three years. She uses a very interactive method during her lessons to stimulate her students to use Dutch right from the start.


ESMÉ    medical student UM Maastricht


Janine is an excellent teacher. Friendly and hard working, she adapts to the individual need of each student with ease and gives clear and tailored explanations. Les-sons are clearly structured and cover topics that both interest the students and reflect the content that students must learn. Janine also rose to the challenge and taught me medical Dutch in preparation for my "co-schappen" next year. Thanks to Janine I achieved B2 level for the NT2 and can comfortably converse in Dutch on both medical and non medical topics. Thxs Janine!




Janine Notten guided from a professional perspective. She works with enthusiasm and is highly motivated.


RAPHAEL    medical student UM  Maastricht


Hello. My name is Raphael Timmerman ( medical student UM Maastricht) ; as with some students, I had difficulties with my Dutch. Several mistakes such as with the “bijzinnen” and “inversie” rules for example had difficulty sticking in mind and in turn they were difficult to apply while speaking and writing.

I was first acquainted with Mrs. Notten by a friend who was also going through a rough spot with her Dutch. An initial intake appointment was made and long story short after a couple of lessons nearly all the mistakes that I would make while speaking and writing were gone. I understood the rules and was able to apply them. If anyone has issues with their Dutch or simply wants to learn the language, I will gladly recommend Mrs. Notten’s Dutch teaching services to anyone.